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For Revenue Teams.

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The size of the Concert marketplace has really been exciting for us. It allows us to tap into more national advertisers. Given that we are a regional paper, we have not in the past had that capability.

- Nykia Wright, Chief Executive Officer at Chicago Sun-Times

Collaborative Storytelling

Chorus’s dynamic story editor lets writers and editors work simultaneously within stories, with version control to preserve previous drafts.


Chorus’s audience experience is optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Editorial teams can access the full Chorus suite anywhere, on any device.

Brand Expression

Chorus allows your brand to come to life with sophisticated design tools that maximize brand expression across every platform.

Premium Advertising

Chorus’s brand-safe and innovative ad formats drive better results with advanced targeting and real-time optimization.


The Features

Publisher-led marketplace

Join Concert, a brand-safe ad network of premium publishers and prestigious brands.

Programmatic advertising

Maximize revenue and CPMs with our fully integrated and supported programmatic stack.

Editorial sponsorships

Surround tentpole events and high-touch coverage with sponsorship branding.

Ad ops support

Get support and questions answered from our dedicated ad ops and revenue teams.