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For Editorial Teams.

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When The Verge went from almost no audience to 40 million followers a month, Chorus scaled up with us seamlessly. We're able to publish 50 things a day, whether those are news hits or reports or features. That enables us to cover everything without a lot of complication.

- Nilay Patel, Editor-In–Chief of The Verge

Collaborative Storytelling

Chorus’s dynamic story editor lets writers and editors work simultaneously within stories, with version control to preserve previous drafts.

The Features

Ease of publishing

Write, edit, and manage stories collaboratively – including from your mobile device.

Version control

Compare and restore drafts as needed so you never lose your work.

Flexible templates

Design stories with powerful layout tools and sophisticated story templates.

Data-driven optimization

Optimize headlines to drive higher engagement through our multi-armed bandit solution.