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With Chorus, we don't have to worry about anything but making good content, and that’s really it. Chorus is simple and sleek, it’s incredibly easy for our staff to operate, and it lends itself staggeringly well to SEO (that’s been the most pleasant surprise for us).

- Bill Simmons, CEO of The Ringer


Chorus’s audience experience is optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Editorial teams can access the full Chorus suite anywhere, on any device.

Brand Expression

Chorus allows your brand to come to life with sophisticated design tools that maximize brand expression across every platform.

The Features

Multiplatform publishing

Reach audiences everywhere through one-stop publishing to off-platform destinations.

Built to scale

Expand your editorial portfolio by launching brand new sites and sub-brands easily.

Taxonomy & search

Drive discovery and recirculation with sophisticated taxonomy and SEO optimization.


Use Coral Project’s community and moderation tools to drive meaningful lift in loyalty and engagement.