Chorus is a digital-first platform for the modern publisher.

The digital media landscape is growing increasingly more complex, and it’s hard to keep up. Chorus is the only platform for publishers and studios that can help your business keep pace with modern storytelling.

Informed by the success of Vox Media’s editorial teams, Chorus has evolved to meet a wide range of business needs—from multimedia content creation and cross-platform programming to premium advertising at scale. Today, 10 brands and more than 350 unique sites use Chorus to connect with their audiences.

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Brand expression

Modern brands haven’t been just “websites” for years. To grow your audience, you need to publish across channels and media types while maintaining a fast and functional experience for your audience.

Chorus is integrated with major platforms like Google AMP and Apple News so you can express your brand personality on any device—with flexible templates for feature stories, articles, videos, maps, and more.

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Publishing suite

Manage story publishing and video distribution with a suite of intuitive multi-platform distribution tools. With collaborative editing and powerful version control, your team won’t have to worry about losing their work.

Promote stories and videos on your homepage, Twitter, Facebook, and whatever comes next. Understand what’s working and what’s not with actionable insights from cross-platform analytics.

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Premium advertising

Chorus is seamlessly linked with Concert, our publisher-led ad marketplace that offers premium brand-safe advertising at scale. As a Chorus partner, you’ll have the opportunity to be included in Concert’s exclusive portfolio of editorial brands.

The Ringer: a case study

“With Chorus, we don't have to worry about anything but making good content and that’s really it. Chorus is simple and sleek, it’s incredibly easy for our staff to operate, and it lends itself staggeringly well to SEO (that’s been the most pleasant surprise for us).”

Bill Simmons, CEO, The Ringer

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Bill Simmons image Photograph courtesy of The Ringer

The Chorus story

We built Vox Media on a foundation of standout technology and product design. To support our ambitious goals as a modern media company, we needed dynamic publishing tools that would scale across teams, brands, platforms, and audiences. So we built Chorus, a product that has shaped Vox Media into what it is today.

Launched in 2008, Chorus is the backbone of our portfolio of authoritative and award-winning networks: from Eater to SB Nation and Polygon to and The Verge. With this in mind, we’ve proudly opened up Chorus to new partners — including The Ringer and Funny Or Die — to take advantage of what we’ve built.

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We’re building Chorus and Concert to support innovative journalism and entertainment. We are a distributed team of designers, developers, researchers, and product and community managers. And we’re continuing to hire and grow the platform as new challenges arise.

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